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artwork in Rostock equipped by Noodles Corp. in industrial style

Work, Play & Live in the All-Inclusive Office. Inspiring ambience for modern work

The newly opened @Work Space offers entrepreneurs in Rostock a very special space to develop creatively. Feeling good is the top priority here. This is ensured by a carefully coordinated interior design concept, featuring furniture from Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. that captures the industrial charm of the old port city.

In the Deutsche-Med building by star architect Helmut Jahn, @Work, a new coworking and office space, has set up shop in the middle of Rostock’s old town, creating private offices and flexible workspaces for creative and networked work. The stylish workspaces allow entrepreneurs and creative professionals to redefine themselves and how they work with employees, colleagues and business or collaboration partners. Feeling good is particularly important here. For this, @Work was also recently awarded the Coworking Wellbeing Award by Workthere and Savills.

“For us, the focus is on people and their needs. That’s why, with an appealing design and stylish ambience, we invite you to get to know an inspiring work landscape that is more like a second home,” explains Tino Schößner, Chief Executive Officer of @Work Office Spaces GmbH. “With Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. we have created homely zones for creative collaboration and retreats for focused individual work, where everyone feels almost as comfortable as in their own four walls.”

Authentic Furniture im @work in Rostock. Coworking space with Noodles Kitchen and Furniture.

For the seating niches in @Work Space, Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. used partitions to create a solution that accommodates the spacious, open floor plan.

As a one-time tech founder, Schößner brings a wealth of experience and planning expertise in organizing new spaces for agile companies. Inspired by large coworking providers in Berlin, he quickly matured the idea of offering a similar, if not better, service in his hometown of Rostock. Together with Lars Buchfink, his partner in sales, he finds the 1,000-square-meter space in Deutsche Med and develops an appealing furnishing concept with the Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. furniture line, which picks up on the rough industrial charm of the Hanseatic city while conveying a contemporary, individual loft character.

“We want to get it right from the start, so we rely on Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp.’s high-quality furniture – this is where we know where the furniture comes from. The authentic aura of solid craftsmanship suits us and also appeals to everyone who comes to @Work. In addition, the extensive product selection, from seating areas to kitchens, allows us to create a basic design line that makes up our recognition value,” explains Schößner.

Authentic Furniture im @work in Rostock. Coworking space with Noodles Kitchen and Furniture.

Glass walls divide the light-filled spaces, creating privacy without compromising transparency or natural light. Workspaces: Table JH and stool Medium by Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp.

128 specially adapted desks from Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. are now ready in Rostock for new entrepreneurial ideas to be developed on them. The leather-covered benches and wire mesh partitions, also planned as custom designs, invite creative meetings. The rest of the furniture, such as box benches with denim cushions and side tables, were selected from the existing furniture program and give the interior the final decorative and practical touch. As a special highlight and central place for common conversations, the flexible and durable kitchen concept Authentic Kitchen Furniture by Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. finds its place in the center of @Work.

This dark, matte-sealed natural steel furniture gives @Work Space a strong, enduring presence while still remaining flexible, as the modules can be recombined and added to at any time. The naturally finished pine surfaces from sustainable forestry also create a visual balance to the steel, giving the work environments a warm, cozy feel.

Authentic Furniture im @work in Rostock. Coworking space with Noodles Kitchen and Furniture.

This makes the office feel like home: The open kitchen of Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. invites you to cook and eat together at @Work.

For 30 years now, Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. has been manufacturing its distinctive, authentic furniture in the look of the original industrial design: steel, rivets, wire mesh and glass combine with wood to create a distinctive furnishing concept for homes, offices and coworking spaces as well as stores and trade fair booths. In addition to the @Work Space in Rostock, the Berlin-based manufacturer has already equipped the Bespoke Coworking in Hamburg as well as the Redlab Space in Berlin with its individual furniture.

You may see Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp.’s signature industrial look in other @Work spaces in the future. This is because 70 percent of the current space has already been leased. That’s why Schößner and Buchfink are now planning to offer their concept for other areas. Specifically, two additional locations in Rostock and one in the North Rhine-Westphalia area are already under discussion. But Schößner already knows one thing for sure: he will again furnish new rooms together with Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp.


Berlin-based Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. was founded in early 1990 by Wolfgang Ahlers, André Reitemeyer and Christian Geyr. For almost three decades they produced furniture in industrial look for commercial and residential premises. In doing so, they draw inspiration from classic functional furniture as it was used at the beginning of the 20th century.

In B2B, Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. have been partners with select retailers, trade show organizers, showroom operators, restaurateurs and hoteliers for over 25 years.

The Authentic Furniture product line includes clothes racks, sideboards, wardrobes, shelves, tables, benches, stools and beds. The modular kitchen line Authentic Kitchen developed from this also offers various kitchen cabinets as well as shelves and is complemented by products and appliances from Villeroy & Boch, Nivito, Leogant and SMEG.


Photos: Mariano Scopel