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Noodles Industrial stools stand for solid craftsmanship and clean aesthetics. Our retro style seating furniture impresses with its timeless design and can be used in a variety of ways: as a side table, as a shelf or quite classically as a seat. For home or for product presentation in showrooms, retail and hospitality. Stools that are simple, ingenious and iconic – order them here.

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Stool industrial: simple. Genius.

An industrial style Noodles stool is a piece of furniture you'll appreciate and love. Why? Our stools are simply ingenious. Or in other words, they are simple and purist in design and you can use them for anything. No matter where you put one of our stools and no matter what you use it for, it always looks the part. This is due to the high quality craftsmanship that you see and feel: our stools and chairs are made traditionally and from sustainable materials such as wood, steel and leather: This creates stools in authentic retro style that have cult character. We don't use any frills for our seating, not even seat backs. They are simply stools - extremely robust, timelessly beautiful, practical and versatile. In our store you can order industrial design bar stools, side stools and boxes converted into seating furniture in various sizes and colors in industrial look, which will also enrich your home and business spaces. Guaranteed.


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Stool in Retro Style

Industrial design stool - sustainably made from quality materials

Sustainability is the program at Noodles. Quality handmade as well. For our furniture made of steel, wood and leather, we use only materials that are manufactured and processed in a way that conserves resources. Our industrial design seating stools are made of pine wood from sustainable forests, which we use to make the seating surfaces and boxes as the basis for our stools. The steel frames are partly made from recycled scrap metal. For the seats of our box stools we use leather tanned without harmful substances. From these high-quality materials, furniture is created by traditional handwork, which gives an idea of the process of creation and develops a patina over time. The natural materials wood and leather change with their use without wearing out. Because our furniture lasts a lifetime and beyond. Guaranteed.

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Retro style stool with history

Traditional, classic steel and wood work stools, like those built and used for work in the early 20th century, are the model for our reissued Noodles retro design style stools. Work stools with swivel spindle made of tubular steel and wood were widely used in workshops, manufactories and craft stores at that time. They were often produced directly on site for personal use, for example, in locksmith's stores and other metalworking crafts. The stools had to meet several characteristics. Thus, the seat was always adjustable in height, so that both tall and short people could sit and work on them comfortably. For even more comfort, the wooden seat has been ergonomically adapted. In addition, their handy size meant they could be placed quickly and easily where they were needed and put away just as quickly to save space. So seat stools were not just simple seats, they were sturdy and practical work stools. A must-have in every workshop. Our industrial design Noodles stools pay tribute to this simply ingenious design of the time. Our retro style metal stools are much more than mere seating. They will be faithful companions to you, too, for a lifetime.

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