Stable tables with clear aesthetics. Steel and wood in a harmonious symbiosis. Timeless design inspired by the industrial look of the early 20th century. For home, retail or office – the sturdy tables are versatile.

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Distinctive wooden tables for living and working

Whether at home, in the restaurant, retail or office - an industrial design wooden table exudes a very special factory charm and a touch of loft atmosphere. The typically distinctive industrial style is modeled after the time-honored and iconic workshop furniture of the early 20th century. Our tables made of wood and steel are puristic in design, extremely robust and functional. The timeless look can be combined individually and versatile with traditional as well as modern living concepts. With a Noodles Industrial Design wooden table you will enjoy for a long time, because they our industrial furniture is made for eternity. Here, at such a wooden table, you like to sit down to eat, to work and to spend time with your loved ones.


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Wooden tables: quality you can see and feel

Industrial design dining tables, desks and kitchen tables for your home or business

At Noodles you will find various industrial design wooden tables for many uses in living and working spaces: industrial design dining tables, desks and kitchen tables for your home or business. Not only in the living room, but also in retail stores, open-plan offices and showrooms for the presentation of goods, our industrial tables are true eye-catchers. You can see and feel what is special about our wooden tables. It is the wood of the table top, which captivates with its brushed surface and subsequent finishing with an organic oil. You feel that when you touch it. Each wooden top is as unique as the steel table frame. Here, too, you'll see small irregularities in the Authentic Steel look that hint at the manufacturing process using traditional handwork. The perfect interplay of the materials of hard steel and soft wood and the purist design make our industrial style wooden tables. And - like all of our Authentic Furniture - they don't just hold up, they last forever.

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Wooden tables that inspire

Whether cooking, writing, working or eating: Something is always created at a cozy and inviting wooden table: Be it a thought captured on paper. A conversation that inspires. Or a recipe prepared at a kitchen table to a successful meal. A Noodles wooden table in industrial design is such a special piece of furniture: inspiring and timelessly beautiful. In designing our tables, we too have been inspired by the iconic kitchen, work and workshop tables of the early 20th century. At such original industrial work tables made of wood and steel were already tinkered and worked at that time. This is also reflected in the typical Noodles Industrial look. The distinctive style of industrial construction and time-honored materials invite you to sit down and create. Get inspired yourself in our store and order your timelessly beautiful industrial wooden table here. With a Noodles table, you're guaranteed to buy the right one that will stay with you and inspire you for years to come.

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