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NOODLES NOODLES & NOODLES CORP. has been partnering with select retailers, trade show organizers, showroom operators, restaurateurs and hoteliers for over 25 years. We furnish selected events and spaces with our furniture in the classic Noodles Corp. look and feel. We are happy to produce individual special designs on request, which are specially tailored to the wishes of our customers and their requirements.

Commercial Stories


The portfolio of Noodles Authentic Furniture includes a variety of products for the implementation of individual presentation of goods in retail, as well as durable basic equipment and high-quality furnishing of stores with a wide range of concepts. The spectrum of realized projects ranges from numerous fashion stores to high-end bike stores or vintage motorcycle workshops to small bookstores, cool barber stores and lovingly curated delicatessen and food stores.

Office & Showroom

Authentic Furniture desks, shelves, sideboards, clothes racks, benches and stools are perfect for furnishing offices and showrooms. Stable and functional construction allows versatile use in workshops, studios and galleries. The straightforward striking design enriches any room situation. With Noodles Corp. Kitchen Furniture can be assembled small cafe kitchens to fully equipped kitchenette, for small and large spaces.

Fairs & Events

As a long-standing partner of trade fair organizers, the Noodles team is active at events such as Bread & Butter, Blue Zone / Munich Fabric Start, Selvedge Run Berlin, Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, New Heritage Festival Düsseldorf as well as Munich and many other events as a supplier of exhibition stands and complete furnishings.

Gastro & Hotel

Noodles Authentic Furniture supplies beds, lamps, kitchens, wardrobes, tables, benches, bar stools, cabinets and accessories such as hangers, hooks or wall shelves to furnish restaurants and hotels. Upon request, we are happy to produce our furniture according to individual dimensions and needs.


Updates on our portfolio, exciting trade shows and events as well as the latest projects of our customers can be found regularly on our Noodles Corp. blog. Here’s a sneak peek at the Noodles customer list:

Trade fairs

  • Messe Berlin (Panorama, Selvedge Run & Zeitgeist)
  • Munich Fabric Start (Keyhouse, Bluezone)
  • Messe Frankfurt (Green Showroom, Ethical Fashion Show, Neonyt Berlin)
  • Shoepassion
  • BMW motorcycle
  • Shimano


  • The_object
  • Gewandhaus Gruber
  • Leffers
  • Peek & Cloppenburg
  • Jack & King
  • Moreboards
  • Wild & Solivo
  • Denim & Iron
  • Stuff it
  • 24Helmets
  • Da Bader – pine wood

Office & Showroom

  • @work
  • P4 Marketing
  • Bespoke
  • Spacedealer
  • K.O.I Kings Of Indigo

Gastronomy & Hotels

  • Hotel Livin Station Sweden
  • 25Hours Hotel – The Tour
  • Lindner Hotels
  • Coffee Princes
  • Lexis Cafe
  • Eco Cafe
  • Maisel’s

Partners & Clients

What the experts say

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