Classic lamps from the Bolichwerke feat. by NOODLES NOODLES & NOODLES CORP. These industrial lamp classics are characterized by their timeless design and their particularly wide range of applications. The story of the Bolichwerke moves from the founding days between tradition and progress. Production since 1911.

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Pendant lamp Industrial - elegant lighting of the traditional brand Bolichwerke.

Pendant chandeliers in industrial style of the traditional company Bolichwerke are unique and design classics.These elegant pendant lamps are traditionally handmade, and have been for over 100 years.These elegant and at the same time functional ceiling lights in industrial design are always an eye-catcher above any dining table.The noble ceiling lights do not only let your dining or living room shine in the most beautiful light, also in the gastronomy, in the trade and in the working area this aesthetic lighting creates an inspiring atmosphere and an ambience to feel good.Perfect companion for Noodles industrial design furniture and like our furniture of premium quality.


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Design classic EBOLICHT ceiling lamp

Classic lamp EBOLICHT: beautiful light in a stylish design

As lovers of old craftsmanship and timeless design, we have included in our range as complementary products the beautiful industrial pendant lamps of the design line EBOLICHT from the house Bolichwerke.Why?Because they fit beautifully with our industrial furniture.A perfect match.As with Noodles, EBOLICHT Industrial pendant lights are traditionally handmade.In the Bolich factories in Odenheim, Baden, these elegant industrial pendant lights are created as they were over 100 years ago.And everything - from the production of the spinning parts and reflectors to casting and printing and coating - under one roof.Here, in addition to innovative lighting systems, time-tested products such as these classic lamps are made from traditional components such as sheet steel, porcelain and glass.Like Noodles Industrial furniture, EBOLICHT pendant lights Industrial are all unique, because each one is made by hand.These convince not only with a beautiful light over any dining table, but also with their perfectly shaped design.

Ebolicht - Industrial Pendeleleuchte

Tradition and progress in perfect lamp design

The traditional company Bolich has been proving for over 100 years that tradition and progress do not have to be a contradiction.Since its foundation in 1911, Bolichwerke from Odenheim in Baden has been producing lighting technology for advertising, architecture and private use.The secret of the company's success can still be aptly summed up by the quote from the company's founder Eugen Bolich: "The future lies in electric light".With this conviction, Bolichwerke has always developed innovative lighting concepts using traditional craftsmanship.Since 2000, the family-run company has increasingly relied on proven classics from its production: with the design line "Collection EBOLICHT", the company has relaunched the pendant lamps developed in 1911.A tribute to the timelessly beautiful lamp design of the early 20th century and a tribute to the founder Eugen Bolich.At Noodles online store you can order original Bolich Industrial pendant lights and hang your favorite design classic over your dining table.

Ebolicht - Industrial Pendeleleuchte