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A Noodles drawer cabinet made of metal impresses with its functionality and opulent look. Rough and distinctive in appearance and solidly handmade – a Noodles drawer cabinet is a piece of furniture of unique quality and aesthetics. The cabinets fit perfectly into our modular kitchens and are equally convincing as individual pieces.

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Metal drawer cabinet - storage and order in industrial style

Drawer cabinets are practical furniture for storage, which should not be missing in any kitchen. Noodles drawer cabinets made of solid metal and wood create space and order for all your kitchen utensils: not only in your kitchen at home, but also in communal kitchens in companies this piece of furniture creates order and atmosphere at the same time. Not only as a kitchen cabinet, but also as a dresser, a Noodles drawer cabinet will enrich any hallway, office or workshop. You'll appreciate this metal cabinet no matter where it sits. The unique look of our steel furniture with its signature rivets is inspired by 20th century industrial construction. We are dedicated to this ancient craft and make our furniture the same way: traditionally handcrafted from the best and sustainable materials. This creates unique furniture that perfectly combines functionality, quality and style.


What materials are your drawer cabinets made of?

Is the wooden top included with the drawer cabinet?

In what colors is the metal drawer cabinet available?

How many drawers has the metal cabinet in industrial style?

Are your industrial look drawer cabinets also suitable for the office or as a workshop cabinet?

Authentic drawer cabinets in industrial style of the 20th century

Noodles furniture - sustainable and unique quality

Sustainability has accompanied us as a furniture manufacturer since our founding. From the very beginning, we have been committed to the highest quality standards and sustainability in furniture construction. At Noodles, Noodles & Noodles Corp., our furniture is built to last, made from materials that are sustainably sourced and processed in an environmentally friendly way. We know where our materials steel, wood and leather come from and process them ourselves in our own furniture manufacture. For example, the pine wood of our Industrial Design furniture comes from European forests that are sustainably managed. Our drawer cabinets, like all of our Authentic Furniture furniture, pay homage to times when quality workmanship was more important than mass production, and longevity was more important than fleeting trends. Thus, our furniture is also of timeless aesthetics, which will accompany you for a lifetime and can also be passed on to the next generation.

A metal workshop cabinet like in the old days

In the early 20th century, classic tool cabinets made of solid metal were part of the fixed operating equipment of a workshop. They were used to store tools that were constantly used in everyday operations. Metal cabinets were the first choice here because they were sturdy, durable and practical. As a rule, they were produced and used locally for their own needs. Even today, these timeless classics of industrial design furniture are extremely practical: for sorting tools and everyday items of all kinds. Both in the kitchen, in the office or in the workshop, drawer cabinets are the best solution to create order. Our metal cabinets for storage combine all these features and create impressive accents in any room. This authentic industrial look you get here in the best quality as anno dazumal in the Noodles Shop.

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