New Heritage Düsseldorf 2018

Mit rund 100 Ausstellern und einem vielfältigen Rahmenprogramm geht die New Heritage im Herbst 2018 auf dem Areal Böhler in die nächste Runde und das Noodles Team ist natürlich wieder mit einem Stand am Start. Vormerken und Vorbeikommen!

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Designers Open Leipzig 2018

Designers Open Leipzig 2018. Messe für Trends Interior & Furniture, Fashion & Accessories sowie Graphic & Media und Noodles ist wieder mitten drin. Eine feine Selektion an Authentic Furniture wird präsentiert.

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Authentic Kitchen Showroom Opening

Authentic Kitchen Showroom Opening New: Opening on the 1st and 2nd of September, Karl-Marx-Allee 75, Berlin In the new  Showroom the consultation on Authentic Kitchen Furniture by Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. will be the focus point. In the new...

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Da Bader

Der Salon Da Bader ist der neue Hotspot in Pfaffenhofen für moderne Männer, die nicht alles brauchen, sondern nur das Richtige.

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Selvedge Run

Neue Dimension. Die siebte Ausgabe des Selvedge Run findet erstmalig im Palais auf dem Messegelände unter dem Funkturm in Berlin statt.

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Lost & Distorted Interview mit Noodles. Stücke für die Ewigkeit gebaut. Erhalte aktuelle Informationen zu Terminen  von Events und  Messen, Sonderverkaufsaktionen und  neuen Produkten, interessanten Blogbeiträgen.

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New Heritage München

New Heritage Blogeintrag by Noodles. Design Festival auf der Praterinsel 05. & 06. Mai 2018. Noodles ist dieses Jahr wieder vor Ort. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

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AUTHENTIC KITCHEN FURNITURE Handmade from steel One of a kind kitchen furniture by Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. - solid quality made by hand. The striking design is inspired by the typical industrial look of the early 20th century. Dark natural steel or white...

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STUF-F FINE GOODS Der Concept Store für feine, ausgewählte, „Soul Made“ Männersachen in Düsseldorf-Flingern. Birkenstrasse in Flingern. Stephan, Thomas und Freunde - und nur der gute Stuf-f. In der Birkenstraße 40 findet man Möbel, Männerbekleidung, Accessoires und...

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Presentation of the coolest magazine on contemporary motorcycling culture. The Craftrad Magazine is for people who love solid craftsmanship and classic design. Whether motorcycles or furniture …

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10.-12.November 2017> BLICKFANG ZURICH New location. Stage One. Zurich tradition. Authentic Furniture Presentation at the Blickfang Design Fair. Blickfang has been taking place every year for almost 25 years at various European locations.

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STEEL VINTAGE BIKES BERLIN Exhibition space, sales, rent, workshop, café and online shop Between Brandenburger Tor and Friedrichstraße lies the headquarter of Steel Vintage Bikes.   Between Brandenburger Tor and Friedrichstraße, north of the British Embassy lies the...

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FO YOU is an invitation; a art room in the basement vault; in the cabinet of the artists cavort: painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video, textiles. The dialogue is open.

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4 and 5 November 2017 – in the steelworks, Ronsdorfer Straße. New Heritage Festival: a tribute to quality, hand-made goods, and timeless design. 25th Anniversary, a special exhibition of Noodles Authentic furniture. Come and celebrate with us … you are welcome!

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5th – 8th October 2017. Oldtimermesse Messe Berlin at Funkturm. Huge selection of legendary cult vehicles. Beardy Boy Barber Shop. Noodles Authentic Furniture Presentation.

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05th-08th September, Zenith Hall Munich. Blue Zone. The community around the denim suppliers meet to make business. Noodles Authentic Furniture is all over the place.

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Meet “il Signor” Michele Cavaliere. World-class Italians, creative mastermind and founder of MIKIBERLIN – Upcycling Factory. His patchwork table-tops from old-fashioned wooden boards, customs folding meters, water scales, chess boards, belts, and everything else collected in the streets and in the markets of Berlin, are atmospheric artworks. Noodles starts the first cooperation with MIKIBERLIN and thus opens a new line: NOODLES DESIGN FURNITURE.

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A Loft in Vienna

We could hardly contain our excitement here at Noodles over Wolfgang Fasching’s fully custom loft kitchen. The converted loft — a former rudimentary workshop located in downtown Vienna — makes wonderful use of Noodles Authentic Furniture sideboards and sparked a drive here at the shop to pursue new and interesting designs for the kitchen.

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Spacedealer, the renowned Berlin-based online marketing agency headed by Joanna Piekos, is ahead of the pack when it comes to much more than just the world wide web. The agency’s new headquarters on Schliesische Strasse in Berlin features a kitchen which is equally cutting edge.

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Noodles visits ABURY. After hearing so many good things about the ABURY Foundation, we thought it was about time to check out their fascinating business concept for ourselves. And since sustainability and traditional craftsmanship are things we take pretty seriously, we were definitely overdue for a visit.

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Located at BirkenStraße 40 in Düsseldorf’s Flingern district, STUF-F FINE GOODS is a hot spot for furniture, men’s clothing, accessories and other goods. You won’t find the latest fashion trends, mass produced items or any markers of fast-paced living here.
Rather, stuf|f specializes in high-quality products with timeless appeal and longevity. Goods made with love, and made to grow more charming with age. From jeans, shirts, and boots to furniture, bags, and belts, everything at stuf|f is either a vintage original or hand-made in small shops — in some cases by a single person.

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