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An industrial style dining table is a timelessly beautiful piece of furniture that will add that certain something to your dining room. This is where you like to sit down – to enjoy and socialize with the people you care about. A Noodles Industrial dining table is an inviting place that will enhance your home.

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Dining table industrial style - your new favorite place

A sturdy steel frame combined with a rustic top made from sustainable pine wood turns your dining room into a feel-good space with a casual factory look. An industrial style dining table from Noodles is always unique, because each piece is handmade in our furniture factory. Uncompromising quality that you see and feel when you sit down at a Noodles Industrial Style dining table. With a table from us in your dining room, you're guaranteed to have a new favorite spot. Whether for your home, office or coworking space: sitting at a Noodles dining table is always a pleasure.


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Noodles dining tables in heritage look

Industrial dining tables from sustainable production

With an industrial style dining table from Noodles, you're buying a sustainable piece of furniture with lasting value. And that is and always has been the case with us. Sustainability has been a cornerstone of our company philosophy since the founding of our furniture manufactory over 30 years ago: We want to preserve good things that have stood the test of time and create new things that will stand the test of time. The timelessly beautiful design of our industrial style dining tables and the handcrafted production from sustainable materials express this. This creates the perfect harmony of functionality, aesthetics and quality of our furniture. Inspired by the construction of the early 20th century, our Industrial dining tables are also made of steel and wood. The pine wood comes from sustainable forestry from European forests. In our furniture manufactory, the timelessly beautiful Noodles dining tables in industrial style, which you can order and buy here in the store, are created by traditional handwork.

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Industrial dining tables handmade as in the early 20th century

Our Industrial Design dining tables are inspired by the industrial construction of the early 20th century. Steel was one of the most important materials, both in architecture and furniture production. As well as wood, which in combination with steel was processed into functional work furniture. Tables like ours were commonly found in factory floors, workshops, and craft stores. Due to their use as work and workshop tables, they had to be durable, robust and practical. And so they are still available at Noodles today, because we make them just as we did back then: from a sturdy frame of dark natural steel - which you can also order in pure white powder coating or in color - and a sturdy tabletop of pine wood. The solid wood top is glued in lamellas and brushed, emphasizing the coarse texture of the wood grain. The non-slip surface texture is finished and sealed with a pigmented organic oil, giving the unique vintage character of our Noodles Industrial Design dining tables.

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