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Our handcrafted industrial design closets are imposing one-of-a-kind pieces that provide stylish storage for your belongings and add a touch of factory charm to your rooms. The solid metal and wood wardrobes are inspired by historic workshop cabinets of the early 20th century. Each piece is a timelessly beautiful piece of furniture with lasting value.

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Closet Industrial - the coolest way to store clothes

With a Noodles Industrial closet, you'll make a statement in your four walls: a hard steel exterior with clean, linear edges and a fine wood interior. That's it. That's all you need to store your clothes in the coolest way imaginable. Inspired by old workshop cabinets like those built and used in locksmith shops of the early 20th century, an industrial style closet is a must-have for anyone who appreciates a distinctive rough interior style. The distinctive look of our steel wardrobes with their signature scale finish is a testament to the manufacturing process at our furniture factory. Noodles closets are hand rolled, welded and riveted from natural steel. Lined with storage compartments made of the most beautiful pine wood, which comes from sustainable forestry, the result is a wardrobe that is indestructible. It will accompany you for a long time and most likely outlast you. Because it is built to last forever.


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Welche Maße haben eure Kleiderschränke im Industrial Stil?

A closet that keeps its promise forever

A cabinet - no compromise in quality & design

Our industrial style closets are inspired by old workshop cabinets. The look is purist and unfussy. But if you look closely, it's the fine details that make a Noodles steel wardrobe unique: you can see the traces of its manufacture in the steel wardrobes on the welds and the scale layer, which comes from the heat of the fire that makes the hard steel soft enough to work with. We use steel rivets to join the wall steel and flat iron to the steel fronts. In addition, we use hand-forged hinges that allow the cabinet doors to open and close silently. Here everything is coherent and everything fits together - real Noodles quality in traditional handwork with great attention to detail. Inside the closet, depending on the design, our closets have a clothes rail and one or more shelves made of pine wood. The wooden panels are brushed and oiled, so that the grain of the wood is visually and haptically enhanced by the coarse structure. From the outside, you can lock the closet with a padlock or a simple steel bolt. In short: a wardrobe that keeps its promise - forever, guaranteed.

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Traditionally handmade industrial closets

When you choose a Noodles Industrial closet, you know what you want. The impressive look represents an attitude that stands for uncompromising quality, timeless aesthetics and lasting values. Such solid steel wardrobes were common in workshops at the beginning of the 20th century for storing a wide variety of tools, work clothes and file folders. Steel cabinets were produced mainly by locksmiths and other metalworking crafts for their own use. A piece of furniture that had to be functional and robust for everyday use in factory halls and workshops. Steel was the typical material of this era and the processing was done by hand: the steel plates were first heated and rolled. The cooling process produced the typical scale layer, which is formed when the rolled and stacked steel plates cool faster on the outside than on the inside. The individual parts were then welded together and firmly joined with rivets and bolts. In the same way, our industrial closets are also manufactured in our own furniture factory.

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