The imposing cabinets are inspired by historic tool cabinets made by locksmiths in the early 20th century. The cabinets are timeless pieces of furniture of lasting value. Each copy is made by hand and is unique.

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How sustainable are Noodles cabinets built?

How are made Noodles cabinets?

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Industrial cabinets made of purist steel and the most beautiful wood

Open and closed cabinets for every application

Whether for kitchen, living, sleeping or working: Here you will find cabinets for every use.Our open mesh cabinets and wooden shelves are the perfect way to display your favorite items, kitchen appliances or wines.In closed closets with clothes rail and shelves you have enough storage space for your clothes.For kitchens we offer drawer cabinets and storage cabinets with storage space for dishwashers or washing machines.When it comes to color and style, you have the choice of dark, light or colorful accents.We also make custom designs in colors other than those shown in the store.Just ask us.

Weinschrank Mesh

Noodles cabinets steel & wood: industrial charm in detail

In addition to the high quality of materials, durability and functionality, it is the small but subtle differences that make a Noodles piece of furniture stand out from the rest. An industrial design cabinet from Noodles captivates with its traditional make, which is revealed in the design: The cabinet doors studded with steel rivets and the hinges typical of the industrial style are visual highlights that give a Noodles cabinet that certain something. The traditional handmade construction method creates visible traces that give an idea of the manufacturing process: The welded hinges, the individual surface structure and the very unique look in the interaction of the materials steel and wood. These marks are sometimes more, sometimes less visible: depending on whether you order a cabinet made of natural steel with the typical scale layer, in pure white powder coating, oiled pine wood or wire mesh. One thing a Noodles Industrial cabinet always is: authentic.

Schrank PX Wood White