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An industrial bench is an all-around piece of furniture that is at least as practical as it is beautiful. You will love the puristic design made of steel and wood. Our industrial style benches are not just seating, but inviting lovers pieces to feel good. What are you waiting for: Take a seat and relax!

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Bench Industrial - authentic steel and wood

Noodles Industrial benches are timeless furniture that will fit in any room. As a classic piece of seating furniture, a bench enriches any dining space, whether in the dining room at home, in the staff kitchen at work or in a restaurant. The purist design of steel and wood gains even more charm with time. Wood and leather seating surfaces develop a patina over the years. Noodles benches are all-around beautiful and practical benches with an authentic vintage look reminiscent of workshops, lofts and factory floors. Because industrial design is inspired by the industrial construction of the last century. And that is exactly how they are made. Handmade in the best quality that lasts forever.


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Sustainable seating furniture from traditional manufacturing

Noodles benches - unsurpassed in aesthetics and functionality

At Noodles, we have been committed to sustainable furniture production since our inception because we have always believed that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. There is furniture that is simply unsurpassed in aesthetics and functionality: Industrial furniture, as they were built and used in the early 20th century in locksmith shops and workshops for their own use. We have been building such furniture in classic industrial design based on traditional models for over 30 years now. That's how long our sustainable industrial design furniture made of steel and wood has been around. The pine wood comes from European forests that are sustainably managed. Steel is not only one of the most versatile materials, but a material that can be used again and again. You'll recognize the early 20th century steel construction with steel beams and steel rivets in our Industrial Benches.

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Benches in traditional design, newly interpreted

Like 100 years ago: The minimalist design of our Industrial Benches is inspired by old workshop benches, which had to be functional and robust above all. We have reinterpreted these design classics and made more of them. You can see this in the details, such as our benches made from repurposed wooden crates, prison mesh steel frames, and complementary leather and denim fabric seat cushions. We use steel tube, flat iron and angle steel for our furniture, which are welded and riveted. On some models you will see the rivets as a design element, on other benches it is the elements welded together from tubular steel and flat iron and the visible welds that add that certain something. You can see this in our furniture and you can feel it when you take a seat on our industrial design benches. On a Noodles Industrial bench you will sit stylishly and comfortably.

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