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A kitchen shelf in industrial style is stylish storage space and perfects a successful kitchen concept. Here you store everything that needs to be quickly at hand or decorative to show off. Noodles Industrial kitchen shelving will make any kitchen, big or small, a place where you love to cook, eat and linger.

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The kitchen shelf - the most perfect kitchen assistant

An industrial style kitchen shelf is the perfect kitchen assistant you need to show off your culinary qualities. A kitchen shelf offers enough storage space for all the kitchen utensils and food you need for your cooking. Noodles shelving systems for the kitchen are simple and puristic in design and can be individually combined with existing kitchen furniture or other Noodles furniture from our modular kitchen line Authentic Kitchen.


In what sizes can I buy kitchen shelves in industrial design at Noodles?

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What is the load capacity of the industrial style kitchen shelves?

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Industrial charm between tradition and modernity

Looks good, holds a lot: traditionally made Noodles kitchen shelves

Bring the raw yet elegant industrial charm to your kitchen and you'll be amazed at how good it looks. With Noodles kitchen shelves and shelving systems made of steel, wood and wire mesh, you set striking accents that create that certain something in typical industrial style. The unique look of our kitchen shelves is created by the high quality materials of steel and wood and the traditional processing by hand into successful design concepts. Noodles Industrial Style kitchen shelves are modeled after old industrial shelves of the last century. The steel frame and solid shelves made of 2.8 cm thick solid pine are not only visually eye-catching, but also convince with their high load capacity. You can store everything you need in your kitchen here, both heavy drink crates and larger kitchen utensils can find a place in it.

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Things of value skillfully set in scene in the industrial kitchen shelf

Your best wines, your most beautiful kitchen accessories and your favorite cookbooks skillfully staged: This is best done with a kitchen shelf in industrial style from Noodles. But our kitchen shelves not only put your kitchen highlights in your home in the most beautiful light. Our industrial style shelving is also popular in the hospitality and retail industries because it beautifully frames products and merchandise. This is due to the design of steel and wood. We were inspired to create this unique look by original industrial steel and wood furniture from the early 20th century. Noodles kitchen shelves in the style of industrial construction of that time are therefore also in restaurants, bars, and also in retail for the presentation of goods. However, our shelves do not simply house goods, they are quality products that are of value and deserve a worthy setting to make the right impact.

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