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Bluezone Trade Show

The Community Hotspot for Everything Denim.

When a couple dozen companies, clothing manufacturers and brands come together to showcase their goods at one of Germany’s up-and-coming textile events, you know Noodles Authentic Furniture can’t be far off. And this has been more true than ever since the launch of BLUEZONE, a show-in-show concept for denim and sportswear at the MUNICH FABRIC START.

Nearly every stand on the event’s roughly 5,000 square meters of floor space, located in Munich’s historic Zenith hall and the newly developed Kohlebunker, are outfitted with Noodles Authentic Furniture. The combination is a match made in denim heaven, with the design of Noodles Authentic Furniture forming a base that is well suited to presenting the show participants’ goods in all their stylish glory. The high-quality, robust display furniture lends itself wonderfully to multiple uses and can be easily assembled and disassembled twice a year for the biannual event. The wear and tear you’d expect to see on trade show furniture of this kind only adds to the pieces’ inherent charm.

The pared-down structure of Noodles Authentic Furniture allows it to be used in a wide variety of ways, and these pieces can often be found in product displays in showrooms and retail shops. Despite the furniture’s unique look, it can be easily combined with other pieces and integrated into any number of interior spaces, whether in our basic dark steel option or our semi-matte white paint finish.