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Red Lab

Authentic Kitchen x red Lab Coworking Berlin

Red Lab is a creative space that offers to create meetings for people from different fields of work.

The best conversations are often held in the kitchen. People who would not necessarily meet in their specific jobs have a working environment here that is conducive to this encounter. For this purpose, the Noodles kitchen, as a central location in the Red Lab, offers just the right setting.

“Kitchen planning was therefore a fundamental point for us. The kitchen as a meeting place, for team events, for readings, for meetups, for customer workshops – no matter what format, as with any good party, the kitchen has to function as a central location – right down to cooking together” says Stefanie, co-founder of the Red Lab Group, which operates the Red Lab Space. Functional, classy as well as cozy should come together here to create a pleasant overall atmosphere that invites conversations alongside the official agenda. This creates connectedness through common activity, through common joy, through common and shared enjoyment.

With various event formats, carried out by itself or with customers and partners, Red Lab is a meeting place for different topics – an interdisciplinary interface that fills with life.

Based on the premise that innovation often fails in companies if it does not focus on people, the focus should be on innovations that bring benefits for people.

“In the spectrum of effects around the topic of innovation, empathy, developing ideas and experimentation are the three pillars of strength. Empathy forms the basis for everything. Only if you are empathetic with yourself, your team and your customers can you work in a truly agile way, i.e. on the real need of the customer and in fast feedback loops. However, this is exactly what we often find difficult, especially in larger companies, because we are not yet fully collaborative, because silos still dominate, because – driven also by common incentives – egocentricity and own goals are in the foreground. And that doesn’t create a climate in which new things can easily emerge,” Stefanie tells us.

This is exactly where Red Lab comes in, helping companies to bring the protagonists of the various areas closer together, to dissolve boundaries and to creatively search for new ideas and solutions together.

At the same time, the Red Lab Space also offers the opportunity to get to know and try out new products as part of the exhibition, thus also providing startups with a platform for exchanging ideas with potential customers and receiving user feedback.

Marco Riedel, creative director of Studio Szybko, furnished the Berlin co-working space with Authentic Furniture by Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp.