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Lost & Distorted x Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. Interview

TB: One beautiful the gentlemen

NNN: The Lord! Quite as well…

TB: What does NOODLES, NOODLES & NOODLES CORP. stand for?

NNN: QUALITY QUALITY & QUALITY we would say. Beyond that for simple and good, sympathetically grounded, humor with self-irony and a homage to Sergio Leone’s cinematic masterpiece “Once upon a time in America”.

TB: What would you say sets you apart from other interior producers?

NNN: a certain design autism can perhaps be said. We don’t have any problems with social interaction, and communication works quite well. However, as far as the design is concerned, we are pretty set. We have our style, from the beginning, and thats it.

TB: Is there a particular clientele that you count as your customers, or are they fundamentally different?

NNN: The spectrum of our dear customers has always been quite wide, and with the passage of time it is even constantly expanding, because the style for which our furniture stands – let’s call it New Vintage – is becoming more and more popular. Industrial vintage furniture is the new antiques. Demand is growing, availability is dwindling, and appreciation is rising. We sell furniture to people of all sexes and ages who don’t want to clutter their home with pressed chipboard and fake furniture, as well as to very design-oriented bon vivants who want to garnish their specially styled living situation with Noodles Authentic Furniture.

TB: You support with your products fashion trade shows like the former Bread & Butter or currently the Selvedge Run. Is it important for you to show presence in this way as well, or is it more authentic lovemaking?

NNN: Well, that’s more how it all turned out. We co-founded Bread & Butter, back in 2001 in Cologne, together with Karl-Heinz Müller, who had the idea and wanted us to be a partner. And Selvedge Run: well, you can’t think of more appropriate furniture than that of Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp, can you? Just like we outfitted the entire Bluezone Denim show at Munich Fabric Start. Or Authentic Furniture is used for the exhibitor stands at the New Heritage Fair (where we also exhibit in Munich and in Düsseldorf, by the way).

TB: One of your highlights is definitely the “Jailhouse Fuck Bed.” How did you come up with the idea of designing an entire series based on the prison?

NNN: When we launched the JAILHOUSEFUCK – a steel bed in a prison grid design – in the early 90s, it was a sensational success. The design, the idea and the communication fully hit the nerve of the time. Zeitgeist was the buzzword. The bed has become a notorious design classic and enjoys an ever-growing number of fans and buyers. At the moment, however, Noodles Authentic Kitchen Furniture is a total hit! The modular kitchen furniture concept is going through the roof right now. Industrial Kitchen Style with a pleasant touch of country house, combined with ceramic sinks from Villeroy & Boch, appliances from Smeg, stainless steel faucets from Nivito and water treatment from Leogant is exactly how you want a cozy kitchen today. And there we have far and wide the best offer!

TB: When you look at the interior market, where do you see yourselves?

NNN: even after more than 25 years, we fly under the radar. Nevertheless, we have developed a solid company that makes good sales and acquires a constantly growing loyal clientele. We do not follow trends. We formed our style at the very beginning and nothing has changed. That Industrial / Vintage is increasingly popular, yes you can say mainstream, is just so.

TB: You have discovered the kitchen for yourselves in the recent past. Are there plans for another niche in the foreseeable future?

NNN: it’s not really a niche, but somehow it is: we talk about a Noodles Hotel in Berlin every now and then. Let’s see when the time comes.

TB: Thank you for the time

NNN: Thank you very much for your time. And to the reader who made it this far, we thank you for your time as well. Visit us here in the showroom Schönhauser Allee, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin – or on our homepage If you register for the newsletter, you will receive interesting stories about our furniture from time to time.