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Barefood Deli Hamburg

Lilienstrasse, Hamburg. Till Schweiger’s Deli

Barefood Deli Hamburg, opened in November 2016, has already caused quite a stir. The tabloids are running their mouths because tap water is sold either plain or carbonated as bare water for a fee.

This is where the fine difference lies, because the concept is to serve simple drinks and food, but of the finest quality. And barewater does come out of the tap, but only into the glass after it has been run through a high-quality water treatment system that puts it in a quality state that is superior to most commercially available water and also has a much better eco-balance. Such a water treatment system must of course be refinanced, but not only that – sales must also be made in a catering business. And if the guest consumes Barewater instead of Pelligrino, this must be charged accordingly.

But enough of that. We’d rather put the focus on our Noodles Authentic Furniture bar stools, which we contributed to this special class hospitality project with Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. Because not only the menu is based on our highly appreciated principle of the simple only the best, also the interior concept is in all consequence correspond to this philosophy.

The agency OPEN RUUM, highly esteemed in insider circles, has ordered with sovereign stylistic confidence a whole slew of our bar stools in natural steel and white lacquer and equipped them with specially designed seat plates. We think it’s a great symbiosis, and at this point we would like to compliment Nicole Lindemann and Melanie Stahmer, the protagonists behind OPEN RUUM.

Yes, and with so much fine sense of stylish staging, it only makes sense that the images available for publicity were taken by the accomplished talent for food / interior photography Stefan Thurmann.

So, up – off to the Barefood Deli: for the first time pouring the finest Barewater sitting on a Noodles Authentic Furniture stool behind the bark – and then take a quiet look at what there is to snack on, and who else is hanging out at the BAREFOOD DELI …

Interior design office: OPEN RUUM,

Photos: Stefan Thurmann