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Company of the week: Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. awarded by Tagesspiegel Berlin

At Noodles wood meets steel

“Wowi brought us to Berlin,” recalls Noodles founder Christian Geyr. The furniture makers want to convince with sustainable wood and steel.

It all began in the Rhineland: Together with childhood friends André Reitemeyer and Wolfgang Ahlers, Christian Geyr (pictured left) founded the furniture maker “Noodles” in Neuss in 1990. And the sale of furniture in its own style ran. Also because the three of them had opened up a small production facility in Poland immediately after the fall of the Wall, which produced reliably and cheaply for them – and still does today.

It was not until a decade later that Geyer found himself in the capital – as co-initiator of the “Bread & Butter” fashion fair. “Wowi brought us to Berlin,” he recalls of former Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, who wooed the fashion fair away from Cologne.

No “disposable articles

In the meantime, however, the team has returned to its original business: Noodles, Noodles & Noodles Corp. is once again building and selling homemade furniture. In design, the company focuses on functionality, in production on sustainability. Only pine wood and steel are processed.

The wood also comes from Poland, from sustainable forestry. Steel is recycled 70 percent of the time anyway, Geyr says. Your furniture should not be “disposable”. This also justifies the price. For a Noodles kitchen you have to shell out around 10,000 euros, a simple table is available from 500 euros.

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