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A Noodles desk in industrial design is not only an eye-catcher in any study. A Noodles desk inspires! The simple striking design of metal and wood paired with maximum functionality are the secret recipe of our work and computer tables. If you sit down at a Noodles desk, you just get things done. With passion. Guaranteed.

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Desk Industrial Style - stylish and passionate work

Noodles Industrial Design desks invite you to sit down and work. And they inspire you. Promised. This is due to the beautiful industrial style design made of sustainable materials steel and pine wood. The coarse brushed wood surface of the table top has a great feel and can withstand quite a bit. Whether as a computer desk or office table, for writing, painting or crafting - no matter what you use your desk in industrial design for - you will appreciate it not only as a decorative piece of furniture, but above all as a faithful companion. Because it lasts forever.


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Desks inspired by Bauhaus and Industrial

Work tables made traditionally and sustainably

Traditionally handcrafted from a sturdy steel frame, a pine wood desk top and drawers or shelves for the important stuff - that's all you need to work efficiently and creatively. Our desks are inspired by original design classics, such as the Bauhaus desk by Mauser Waldeck. This inspired us to create the desk PX. Instead of tubular steel, we use an angular design for our tables that accentuates the distinctive look. As in those days of the early industrial age and Bauhaus, our office desks are simply beautiful and practical.

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Working with style at a Noodles table

Since 1990, we have been producing furniture that is equally convincing in terms of design and functionality. In the early Noodles years we didn't make our own industrial design desks, but we did have original industrial desks in our offices. It worked... We at Noodles know: An office is not an office without a good office desk. And without a nice work table, working just isn't as much fun. The design is inspired by old work tables from craft workshops and workshops of the early 20th century. And the Bauhaus principle of Form Follows Function, which underlies all our Authentic Furniture furniture, including our desks. At that time, people liked to sit down at such a desk in a minimalist functional design to work passionately and efficiently. At these work tables, people tinkered, worked and created. And you? Order your own work table here to inspire you. You'll do everything right with an industrial style Noodles desk.

schreibtisch industrial weiß noodles