Unique kitchen furniture in solid quality made by hand. Modular system. The striking design is inspired by the typical industrial look of the early 20th century. Dark natural steel or white enamel. In combination with equipment from Smeg, Villeroy & Boch, Nivito and Leogant.

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Modular Industrial kitchen units to feel good

A timelessly beautiful industrial kitchen conjures up a loft atmosphere and factory charm in your four walls. The combination of cool steel and warm wood creates an ambience to feel good. With a Noodles kitchen in industrial design, a very special place is created in your kitchen: a place to cook and eat, live and simply be. Complemented with matching electrical appliances, sinks, faucets and sinks, you'll buy the dream kitchen you've always been looking for with an industrial style kitchenette. See for yourself: The Authentic Kitchen Lookbook is a true source of inspiration with many photos of already realized kitchen projects.


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Industrial kitchens for living and working

Build your own Noodles Authentic Kitchen

In the Noodles Shop you can get kitchens for your home or business: our modular kitchen units in industrial design are universally applicable because they can be individually configured and integrated into existing furnishing concepts. Also in the business sector. The authentic look of our kitchens creates creative places of inspiration in coworking spaces, shared kitchens, restaurants, cafes and bars. This is the way to live and work. Available in a variety of looks in Authentic Steel, Pure-White or your choice of color, it creates distinctive spaces with a unique ambiance. BUILD YOUR OWN - you can create your dream industrial style kitchen on your own with our modular kitchen units. Order your individual kitchen unit directly here in the store or visit our showroom. We will be happy to advise you and plan your new kitchen, so you can find exactly the industrial furniture that will also make your kitchen a dream place.

Küchenzeile in Pure White. Küchenzeile aus Stahl und Holz

Industrial Style Kitchen - Made for Eternity

The typically distinctive look of our furniture is inspired by the industrial construction of the early 20th century - heritage furniture that brings the old craftsmanship to life and makes it tangible. Traditionally manufactured in our furniture factory, authentic kitchen furniture is created for eternity. Equipped with matching appliances, Noodles Industrial kitchen units uniquely combine tradition and modernity. Noodles Industrial kitchens exude warmth and coziness, in which you will not only perform true culinary miracles. Here, you'll enjoy spending quality time with your favorite people, guaranteed. Noodles kitchens are simply uniquely authentic and deliver what they promise. Guaranteed forever.

Küchenzeile in Authentic