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Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp. has been a partner of selected retailers, trade show organizers, showroom operators, restaurateurs and hoteliers for over 25 years. With our furniture we equip selected events and rooms in the classic Noodles look & feel. On request, we are happy to produce individual custom-made products that are specially tailored to the needs of our customers and their requirements. Updates to our portfolio and exciting news are regularly available on our BLOG.


The portfolio of Noodles Authentic Furniture includes a variety of products for the implementation of individual retail presentation of goods as well as the durable basic equipment and high-quality furnishings of shops with the most diverse concepts. The range of realized projects ranges from numerous fashion stores to high-end bike shops or vintage motorcycle workshops to small bookstores, cool barber shops and lovingly curated delicatessen and grocery stores. The Noodles Blog always presents the latest projects of our customers … check it out!


Founded on October 18, 1928, in Oldenburg, Leffers is today the largest City’s fashion house and employs around 650 people at four locations.

On over 13,000 square meters of sales and presentation space, the traditional sales house for

Ladies and gentlemen offer everything from current trend labels, a classic basic assortment, evening wear, high-quality sports and casual wear collections. Everything that the heart desires in terms of fashion. The shop fitting concepts in regards to the entire ambience and assortment are constantly changed to satisfy the ever-changing, customer needs.  The fourth-generation family business has numerous clothes racks by Noodles in different designs, shelves, room dividers, as well as a range of the small furniture of the PX series.


E 35, WIEN

The E35 team has set itself the task of advocating slow fashion. Their approach to sustainability is selling fashion from high-quality materials and with excellent craftsmanship from authentic makers and creating good, contemporary and long-lasting designs.

Since 2009, E35 offers its customers both online and stationary, contemporary products from brands that have a history, including 8000 eyewear, Andersen-Andersen, Cutler and Gross, Salvatore Piccolo, Stone Island Shadow Project and Thom Browne. The store is located in the 7th district of Vienna, just minutes away from the main shopping street and the Museum cantonment. Furthermore, the store is named after the longest street in Europe, which leads from Rome to Amsterdam, and just like the E35 shop, connects many people. In the E35 shop in the Schottenfeldgasse there are numerous of puristic Noodles Authentic Furniture pieces like  Coat racks, wire mesh shelves and cabinets in use.



stuf | f is a concept store in the district of Flingern, where you can find furniture, Men’s clothing, accessories and many other fine items that have nothing to do with Fashion trends, mass production or a fast-paced life. Stuf | f stands for “Stephan, Thomas  und freunde – feine sachen”.


The store in Birkenstraße is about realising the “buy less, but better” Concept. The assortment captivates a stylish inexperience. Plain but never simple, masculine, individual and strong in character. It’s about high quality, crafted with passion, timeless and durable things that even over time become more beautiful: jeans, shirts, boots, bags and much more. Stephan and Thomas have a keen sense of furniture and interior design ideas and they only sell things that they themselves find appealing. Their store reflects their personal taste and their awareness of quality and sustainability. The boys of stuf | f use several noodles sideboards and shelves for their shop furnishings, from the PX series, a wine rack made of mesh wire and clothes rack type 1.



In the middle of the up-and-coming Zurich district 3, cotton fabrics and iron are being traded. Denim stands for every day high-quality and motorcycle-suitable men’s clothing. Iron, on the other hand, stands for Custom Made Motorcycles and classic motorcycles. Denim and Iron convey an attitude towards a life of freedom and independence.


Denim and Iron are inspired by the motorcycle culture of the 1950s and today’s custom culture.

Owners Moni and Dani present a carefully selected assortment of Men’s and biker clothing and an exciting selection of various Lifestyle and Biker Accessories. They offer a mix of well-known, international top brands and smaller, upcoming labels from the fashion world or the biker scene, that they exclusively lead in Switzerland in their shop at the Birmensdorferstrasse. The product presentation is equipped with Noodles Authentic Furniture  with the classic denim wall for pants, shirts and helmets were made from the functional wooden crates, furthermore the heavy leather jackets hang on the stable clothes racks. In addition, the display of the furniture became a tailor-made execution counting in the multi shelves in the wire mesh version, for the connection of differently sized showcases and clothing racks. Not to mention the stool behind the counter which is also a Noodles Authentic Furniture piece.


The concept store and headquarters of Steel Vintage Bikes are in an old Panel Flat complex from past GDR, found in the Wilhelmstraße. The premises represent a successful mix of a showroom, café, rental space, workshop and warehouse for the online selling of classic and vintage Bicycles from the 1930s to the 1990s.


Between the Brandenburg Gate and the Friedrichstraße, owner Alexander Bisaliev created a destination for bike lovers from all over the world. Road bike classics from Berlin’s historical centre are sent to Japan or the USA, the wheels are mainly from Italy or England.  Most of the cycles are 30 to 40 years old and in absolute top condition. In the sales exhibition among all the phenomenal bikes, stands a Noodles Authentic Clothes rack 3.1 in the version Wood with a width of 140 cm. The Clothes Rack is used for the presentation of bike-suitable tops, leather shoes and sunglasses. For anyone who values quality and is visiting Berlin soon, the bicycle rental of Steel Vintage Bikes is highly recommended. Good ride!


Tobias Mehr is a classic barber. He does not see himself as a conventional barber and has nothing to do with the hairdressing industry in general. Tobias serves only men who do not need everything, but only the right thing.

Born in Bavaria, he carries on the tradition of his fourth-generation family. In the development of his individual Barber concept, the experience of working with his grandfather for five years was helpful. Together with the object constructor Kienholz, which has been a professional reference since 1998 for thoughtful, individual and high-quality solutions in the object construction area, the store was planned and built. Longevity was the motto of the business premises so that they can be used for the next 20 years. At Da Bader next to the big Noodles Authentic Furniture Shelves for the presentation of goods, there is a modular constructed Noodles kitchen that meets the high demands of Tobias in terms of timelessness and quality.

www.da-bader.de     www.objektbau-kienholz.de


„Awesome Team, great personalities, with good taste. The furniture has a quality that lasts forever – the design is timeless, and all for a competitive price. Keep the good work going!“


Tony Tonnaer   KINGS OF INDIGO


Wolfgang und Sebastian Klinder   MUNICH FABRIC START

Authentic Furniture by Noodles works very well for us - things look great. The exhibitors like Noodles furniture to present their products. Working with Noodles is reliable - and fun.






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