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Noodles hangers made of solid wood and steel are a must-have for those who love and appreciate fashion. With high-quality hangers, you’ll perfectly showcase your favorite pieces on the coat rack and in the closet. Whether rustic or elegant, a Noodles hanger will keep your clothes in shape and organized.

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Are Noodles solid wood hangers sustainable products?

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Solid wood hangers - because fashion is worth it

Noodles clothes hanger rustic oak and elegant ash

Those who love and appreciate their clothes will also appreciate a Noodles solid wood hanger made of fine ash wood or rustic oak. The ergonomic shape ensures that your jackets, shirts, shirts and coats can hang out freely at the shoulders and retain their natural shape. In addition to the practical use, Noodles coat hangers are also a visual highlight on any coat rack. We use noble ash wood in a warm, reddish hue and with fine wood grain for our hangers. For those who like the rustic vintage look, we recommend our wooden hangers made of solid oak wood with a coarsely brushed surface. With these wooden hangers, the coarse grain of the oak wood is particularly intense. Noodles hangers made of fine solid wood are perfect accessories for your Noodles Industrial wardrobe at home. At fashion fairs and in retail, our wooden hangers perfectly set the scene for high-quality fashion. In combination with our industrial furniture, we create coherent overall concepts for the impressive presentation of your products.

The history of the hanger until today

The history of the clothes hanger dates back to the 15th century. The purpose of the hanger has always been to hang representative clothes neatly and without wrinkles. At that time, wooden hangers were first used for hanging uniforms. The original shape of this historical prototype had ends bent upwards to support the heavy shoulder pieces of the uniforms. Over time, fashion also changed, and with it the shape of the hanger. Thus, in the late Baroque period, hangers had to provide support for the stand-up collars of the pompous ladies' and men's clothing. From these early forms of hangers developed a variety of types of hangers to this day. The classic wooden hanger as we offer it in the Noodles online store is probably the most versatile hanger of all. This type prevailed in tailors and men's outfitters as a jacket hanger and for tailor-made clothes to store them gently and preserve their shape.

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