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A Noodles kitchen cabinet captivates with its charismatic industrial style: uniquely striking and opulent in design, paired with proven functionality in everyday use. Made in traditional craftsmanship from high quality materials, with a Noodles kitchen cabinet you buy a piece of furniture for eternity.

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Kitchen cabinet Industrial - design your kitchen into an inspiring place

Industrial kitchen cabinets are timelessly beautiful kitchen furniture made of a sturdy steel body and high-quality wood. As usual with Noodles, here you buy not only a functional piece of furniture for your kitchen: the unique look with the typical steel rivets and hinges and the combination of steel and wood make our kitchen cabinets special objects of love. They create an ambience that radiates warmth, creativity and inspiration. This doesn't just work in your home. Our Industrial kitchen cabinets are the perfect furniture for employee kitchens in companies that want to design an inspiring work environment for their workforce. Whether it's an office kitchen, co-working space or home, an Industrial kitchen cabinet will help you transform your kitchen into a place that inspires.


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Kitchen bar: Sustainable in production, quality & design

Industrial kitchens: Rooms to feel good

Our Authentic Kitchen Furniture line consists of modular kitchen furniture that can be assembled individually. Additionally, you can perfectly combine an industrial style kitchen cabinet with your existing kitchen furniture. With a complementary pine countertop, you connect all the elements into one harmonious unit. Noodles Industrial kitchen cabinets are versatile. Whether with drawers or with storage compartments, you will find enough space and storage in it for your smallest kitchen utensils as well as for your big cooking pots. Everything you need quickly at hand fits perfectly in a timelessly beautiful Noodles kitchen cabinet. In addition to functionality, the timeless beauty of our steel and wood kitchen cabinets is particularly impressive. Industrial style creates a cozy atmosphere that makes a kitchen a place where people like to linger. Noodles Industrial kitchens are not just functional spaces for kitchen work, but spaces to feel good.

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Noodles furniture manufacture: over 30 years of sustainable quality

For us, sustainability is not a buzzword, but standard. The environmentally friendly extraction and processing of sustainable materials are important to us. Also important for us is the durability and timelessness of our products. As a furniture manufacturer, for over 30 years we have been focusing on quality that lasts forever. The model for our philosophy is the industrial construction of the early 20th century. At that time, furniture was still built from first-class materials, so that they lasted as long as possible. After all, people bought new furniture only once in a lifetime, if at all. Heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, were just as traditional. We continue this tradition with our authentic Industrial kitchen furniture. The fact that our furniture like our kitchen cabinets will still be beautiful in 100 years is also due to the timelessly beautiful design. The timelessness of our authentic furniture design made of the materials steel, wood and leather speaks for itself. You can see, feel and experience the quality.

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