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Miki Berlin – Upcycling Factory

Noodles Design Collaboration: Miki Berlin

In cooperation with selected artists and designers, distinctive design furniture is created based on Authentic Furniture elements by combining them with unique or limited edition components. This furniture is presented under the term NOODLES DESIGN FURNITURE.

The series kicks off with Michele Cavaliere, who combines design with sustainability with his Upcycling Factory under the brand name MIKIBERLIN. Specializing in project-based collaboration with demanding clients, Michele Cavaliere combines the aspect of sustainability with style as perhaps only Italians can.

For NOODLES DESIGN FURNITURE, Signor Cavaliere creates handmade tabletop made of old wooden floorboards collected from various places in Berlin, vintage skirting boards, a used chessboard and a spirit level used a hundred thousand times. Similar table tops can be made to desired size, each table top as a unique piece with its own story.

Other works are table tops for side table JH. Unusually and strikingly, belts or folding rulers are juxtaposed to form clearly structured patchwork tabletop surfaces